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Johnny DeVille began his Magic career when he was five years old. His grandfather showed him a magic trick and for a little boy of five that was a marvelous thing. From that day, Johnny knew what he would do with his life.

He tried to do magic with all the things he could find around the house. Cards, balls, tape and scissors, pens and erasers, even nails and screws became magic paraphernalia. That same year, for Christmas, Johnny found a magic kit under the Christmas tree. He was so excited, now he was going to be a magician like those on TV. Mark Wilson and the beautiful Nani Darnell was the first illusionists he saw on TV. Then came Doug Henning and David Copperfield. He watched every magician on TV and tried to do all the marvelous feats that he saw them perform.

Every birthday and every Christmas he had a new magic kit. He almost cried with joy when he opened his gifts and saw the contents. In hes early teens his mothers workmate gave him a shopping bag full of comics. He started to read one of them and when he came to about centerfold there was an ad that caught his eyes. It was from a magic store. And so it was, the little boy started to spend his allowance on magic tricks. And from there it escalated. Today Johnny both builds and performs his magic for audiences wherever they want that little extra.

DeVille Magic

Where Magic Becomes Reality