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I got a new, modern light rig too for my new start. I bought 10 LED RGB-spotlights and 4 LED RGB moving heads. I also needed a control interface to control the lights and I ended up with an American DJ-interface. Now all I need is to put it together and I can control both lights and music from my computer. At the moment I am designing the lightshow at the same time as I am finishing my props and practice all the acts for the show. This is the fun part of it all. I have to find music to a couple of acts and then get the music and lights to work together. To see the whole after designing an act is a cool experience. I get happy and satisfied with myself.

I don't have many acts now that need light design. When the light design is finished it's on to the next project... To practice all acts with lights, music and smoke. It'll take a couple of weeks and then on to the next project... Everything will be filmed and sent to different agents and event coordinators. After that I cross my fingers that I will get a couple of gigs. It looks bright at the moment.

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