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It's been a while since i finished the planning of my new show, almost a year ago. Then it was time to begin building all the props that was planned to be in the show. I had a couple of journeys to Biltema and Hornbach. There I dove in to the shelves in my persuit of material I needed for all the different props I needed to construct. It was a fun experience but at the same time very hectic. I was jumping from place to place between hardware stores and hobby stores. Never give up they say. A couple of times I was about to do that, give up that is, it felt like I wasn't supposed to finish my project. I had to bite the bullet, get the bull by the horns and jump in to the project. I worked around the clock for a while and I could feel the stress build up in me.

Today most of the props are finished. A couple of finishing touches on a few of them and I get my reward when I'm finished as the endorphines rush through me.

I will post pictures of all the props I have built and that will be used in the show on the pictures page. So check back from time to time and you can see what the finished results will look like.

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